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371. Lift Him Up

Added: 10 Oct 2020 | Transpose: [Down] [Up] | Capo fret: 0 | More Hymns

Eb                Ab      Eb                      Ab       Eb
Lift Him up, ’tis He that bids you, Let the dying look and live;

Eb Bb7 Eb Bb F7 Bb
To all weary, thirsting sinners, Living waters will He give;

Bb7 Eb Bb7 Eb
And though once so meek and lowly, Yet the Prince of heaven was He;

Eb Ab Eb Bb7 Eb
And the blind, who grope in darkness, Through the blood of Christ shall see.

Eb Ab Eb Bb Eb
Lift Him up, the risen Savior, High a-mid the waiting throng;

Eb Ab Eb Bb7 Eb
Lift Him up, ’tis He that speaketh, Now He bids you flee from wrong.