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Hymn Chords

10. Come, Christians, Join to Sing

Added: 5 Jan 2006 | More Hymns

A     E     A      D       A          D     A E7 A
Come, Chris-tians, join to sing, Alle-luia! A -  men!

A    E      A  D          A          D     A E7 A
Loud praise to Christ our King; Alle-luia! A -  men!

A   E7   A    D     A   E      A  E    A   Bm     A  E
Let all, with heart and voice, Be-fore His throne re-joice;

A      E  A   D        E       A    Bm    A E7 A
Praise is His gracious choice; Alle-luia! A -  men!